BMW Clubs Europa is an umbrella organization at european level. The official BMW clubs are affiliated under this umbrella and can interchange news via this "information interface". Alongside the website, the BMW clubinfo is the most-used source of information. In two-month rhythm the collected information is issued in printed form mainly to the club boards, although many members also subscribe to obtain direct information.

For travel-hungry members we also offer trips with BMW flavour, to Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg and, as of 2001, also to Spartanburg. BCE also comes to agreements, e.g. with hotel chains and travel agencies, so that members can enjoy special privileges.

BMW Clubs − so different and yet one large "family"

BMW clubs cannot be lumped together with other automobile or motorcycle clubs. Their myriad range of interests makes them unique. In what other clubs can one find motorists and bikers, veterans and youngsters of the same marque? All which makes this club organization that for which it is famous: a large BMW clubs family.

Each and every member of this family finds like-minded with whom they can arrange trips, attend meetings, take vacations, visit training courses, discuss technical details and exchange tips etc. This is all held together by: the fun of driving a BMW!

How big is this family?

The few original clubs in Germany soon mushroomed in the seventies into an international association with strong ties to BMW AG, but without its management or control. When the association became too large in the eighties, due to the increasing number of clubs founded outside Europe, the subdivision took place into the Int. Council of BMW Clubs − the worldwide umbrella organization − and the BMW Clubs Europa. The latter includes clubs in
19 countries, whereby with the opening to the east more countries and clubs are being added.

The almost 30,000 members really have a problem in participating in all offers and activities of this community. On many weekends, particularly in the summer months, several meetings take place simultaneously. But because they are spread across Europe, there is really always something to please everyone.

What can this BMW club family offer me?

First the membership in this family. New members are always welcome, because they enrich "family life". New members bring new ideas, e.g. how to make club life even more attractive. Each BMW club has built up its own club life which focuses on BMW cars and/or bikes, or on a specific model, as with the BMW type club.

Which BMW club meets my requirements?

Here you are really spoilt for choice. If you drive a BMW of the "new class" then the choice is somewhat easier because the interests of these drivers are represented in so-called BMW type clubs. If you own a new car then the choice is particularly difficult when several clubs are located near your home. Then your best bet is to visit club evenings and discuss club activities with members. These getting-to-know discussions are usually the start
of lasting friendships.

How do I find the BMW clubs?

Contact BMW Clubs Europa directly via e-mail. You will find the full contact details on our contact page. The more precise the information you give us on the type of club you are seeking (car, motorbike, veteran or new vehicle, etc.), the more details we can send you.